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Often, I have the experience of encountering an idea for the first time and then having this idea represent itself to me multiple times in the near future just following the first encounter. Like the first time I heard the word ‘flummox’. A friend used it, and I had to ask them for the definition, and then when reading a book the next day, came across it again, only to then hear the word used by a character in a sitcom and have another character in the sitcom ask its meaning. Now I’m sure there is something to this effect, like ‘flummox’ had in the past presented itself to me, but I was not in the right mental place to learn it. Or rather, more likely, the experience of having this word highlighted to me in the experience with my friend emboldened the word on the page in the book I was reading the next day.

I bring up this ‘flummox’ business to say that Ten Thousand Hours is an idea that came into my life in a very strange way, and then has resurfaced recently. In its resurfacing, about a year after the initial encounter with the idea, there has been an intensity to it that can’t go ignored.

So even though this blog is made for a class on Rhetoric and Composition, even though I have grand schemes to post non-fiction entries about a parallel life as a soccer coach, I am also foreseeing this space as a way to play around with Ten Thousand Hours.


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